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Behind the Scenes @ the After Death premier in Provo, Utah

I saw the final version of the movie After Death at it's premier in Utah a couple of days ago and, WOW, it is awesome! I can hardly wait for it to be released to theaters on October 27th because it is powerful, beautiful, challenging, and is filled with great hope.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the Utah premier;

The newest movie poster

from Angel Studios.

Here is the Executive Producer brain-trust;

Stephen Gray

Tyler Friesen

Jason Palmer

The premier gave my husband and me a good excuse to dress up on our anniversary

It was great to catch up with authors and IANDS (international association of near death studies) colleagues Dr. Jeffery Long, Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll, Don Piper, and Martin Tanner!

Sharing a moment with Don Piper (author of 90 Minutes in Heaven) during the Q&A that followed the movie screening.

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It's always exciting to attend a movie premiere, especially for a film as impactful as After Death. Your enthusiasm has me eagerly awaiting its release on October 27th.

tunnel rush


I'm looking forward to the movie After Death which will soon air in October. flappy bird


I never bothered if I sounded great or not; the very exercise gave me tremendous amounts of mental calmness... geometry dash lite!


Thank you so very much for sharing your story with the world! I first saw you share your story many years ago and was part of what started me on my faith journey. I have gratitude for the experiences and people in my life every day and I'm growing closer to absolute trust in God every step I take on my journey. I've come to concern myself less with the need for detailed answers and more with a trust that God's plan is always the right plan. It would be a far better world if everyone could be made truly aware of God's message that you have carried to us.


Masker Yulia
Masker Yulia
Nov 30, 2023

When people talk about NDEs, your tale has been crucial, and it's the one I would advise them to look into. puppet hockey

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