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I am a physicist by education, author and writer, telecommunications technologist, geopolitical and intelligence analyst, retired from military service.

This year has been the most traumatic of my life, my husband John Holmes, who suffered from diabetes most of his life, had a left amputation in 2019, suddenly died from a massive heart attack on 15 March 2021. Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with fungal endocarditis, which is a rare and usually fatal disease, and one I had overcome in 2013 due to incredible doctors; this time is different as the disease is much more advanced, and so I have very little time left. Dr. Mary Neal's books and video presentations have been very inspiring, emotionally comforting, and have help me mentally prepare and feel much more at ease with the journey ahead of me in a short while. I am a true believer in and love God, accept and love Jesus Christ as my one true Saviour, and love the Holy Spirit/Ghost. God Bless you all.

Diane Hughes
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