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Aug 22

Share your story!


Edited: Aug 22

This space is for you - to share your own story. I am often most inspired and encourage by the thousands of others who have experienced a touch of God in their life, be it through a near-death experience or other.




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  • Question Im a youth pastor from California and I would like ask you Dr Mary Neal a few questions about your experience in private If you able? Ive also read both of you books. Thank you
  • How long have you existed?
  • Dr. Mary Neal - I am writing to tell you that I am one of the people that God wanted to hear your story. Two years ago my 21 year old son took his own life and shortly after that I read your second book. It has been such a blessing to me. I go back and reread parts of it probably every few weeks to keep me connected to the trust I now have in God. My son has left me a sign that he is in heaven with Jesus and without your book, I may have just brushed it aside and agreed with relatives that it was just insignificant or a coincidence that I was making too much of. I am now thankful for that sign and more than that thankful to God for the modern day miracle of your story that has sustained me throughout my grief.