To Heaven and Back

To Heaven and Back is a book I wrote about my spiritual journey and the near-death experience I had in 1999 while kayaking in the Los Rios region of southern Chile. I wrote it because more than anything I want people to know that God’s unconditional love for each of us is intense, complete, and is reflected in all of Heaven. Before we return to Heaven, our real home, we have an incredible opportunity on Earth to face challenges that will help us learn, grow and to become more Christ-like in the fruits of our spirit. Our time is so short that we need to be about God’s business every day.

Praise for To Heaven and Back

I recently lost my 23 year old son and I cannot express how much hope and comfort your book gave me. ~ Janine
What Mary and those like her have experienced are gifts from somewhere, given not just to them. She gives it back to us disguised as a simple offering. She doesn't baffle the reader with melodrama, hyperbole, fantasy, or excessive adjectives. She tells her story in a concise & detailed way, with a voice of eloquent and unadorned sincerity. In this way, it's easy to read and difficult to put down, vividly descriptive and completely convincing, humbling and inspiring. ~ Bruce
Her story is told in such a way that we are drawn in and vicariously experience all that she went through. After finishing the book, it's impossible not to continue to mentally revisit her experiences, and notice all that is holy in our own lives. It is hard to put this book down once you start it. ~ Ann
Awesome story of hope; just awesome. ~ Nathan
I am so glad, this book is great, inspiring and a big help to grieving people... ~ Jules
It is so exciting to see how God is using your story to bless so many people. ~ Cindy
So glad that you came back to us that day on the river. And thank you for writing your book. You have "refreshed" my faith and that is no small gift. ~ Larry